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Tiffany Ridgeway Ph.D. offers comprehensive quality coaching services to assist healthy individuals in achieving their personal, professional, and educational goals. We can help to improve happiness, peace, and overall well-being by creating goals and focusing on solutions. Our vision is to improve the client’s ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships and the ability to cope and maximize their full potential. 

What Services can we provide?


What is Coaching:

A  coach can use therapeutic tools to help clients who are emotionally and psychologically healthy: Change their thinking, increase their emotional wellbeing, change limited belief systems, reframe past experiences, set and achieve goals, make life changes, increase motivation, and learn a new skill. Results are driven by exploring solutions and the focus is on the present.

In general, our coaches have practical life experiences and extensive educational training in their area of specializations.

What is Therapy:

A therapist can diagnose and treat mental illness such as clinical anxiety or depression,  help heal past trauma , provide and teach coping skills to help resolve past trauma, treat addiction or substance abuse, help clients to cope with relationship turmoil or violence, and explore underlying issues and offer explanations to help resolve past hurt and pain.

In general, therapists are focused on dealing with the past. Therapists have a specialized graduate degree and clinical training. They have an extensive foundation of knowledge about the mind, biology, and human behavior. They are qualified to help clients in these sensitive areas, and more importantly, they are properly trained on how to handle the volatile nature of these situations.

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