Academic Services

Academic coaches collaborate with students to enhance their executive functioning skills and navigate through their academic goals. Executive functioning skills contribute to adopting a growth mindset, effective management of academic anxiety, prioritization of tasks, and the establishment of realistic goals. Students often find value in engaging with an academic coach to discuss various aspects, such as transitioning and adapting to college, executive functioning support, manage academic anxiety, and much more. Whether seeking to enhance effectiveness or requiring support after a gap year, students choose to meet with an academic coach for personalized assistance.     

Tiffany Ridgeway, Ph.D offers consultation packages tailored to meet the unique needs of each student. Through the development of strategic plans and the provision of valuable guidance, support, and expertise, Dr. Ridgeway provides academic assistance and collaborates closely with students to identify their strengths, interests, and goals, ultimately optimizing their academic potential. 

Academic services do not qualify for insurance billing, however ADHD/ADD Coaching is now eligible for pre-tax flexible spending accounts-FSA (must receive a letter of medical necessity from a medical practitioner specifying medical condition and required treatment).

Academic Services:   

 ADHD/ADD Executive Functioning Coaching:  


  Goal Setting  Executive Functioning Support (Stress/Time management, Impulse control, emotional regulation, working memory)  

  Transition Support  

  Assistive Tools/Technology

  Self-monitoring & Regulation 

College & Career Counseling: 

 Research & Exploration 

 Application Process  

 Financial Planning (Scholarship/Financial aid) 

 Decision Making  Career Preparation 

 Transition support (Graduation & Beyond)


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