Tiffany Ridgeway, Ph.D.

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Dr. Tiffany Ridgeway, Ph.D., holds a esteemed position as a professor at a renowned university, where she derives immense satisfaction from guiding prospective teachers towards gaining invaluable professional insights and practical teaching experience. Additionally, she extends her mentorship to adolescents and young adults as they navigate their educational journeys. Dr. Ridgeway's educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of North Texas, a Master of Arts in Elementary Education from Texas A&M-Commerce, and a Doctor of Philosophy in College Leadership from Mississippi State University.

With over twenty years of experience in both public and alternative schools, Dr. Ridgeway has refined her expertise in leadership, teaching, and counseling, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to empowering underrepresented students.

Outside of academia, Dr. Ridgeway actively engages in the following pursuits:

1. Mentoring Aspiring Educators: She equips future teachers with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively educate and inspire the next generation.

2. Coaching Young Individuals: Collaborating with middle and high school students, she facilitates academic achievement and smooth transitions into college life.

3. Specializing in ADD/ADHD Coaching: Drawing on her expertise, Dr. Ridgeway empowers students with ADD/ADHD to harness their unique strengths and cultivate the confidence to overcome obstacles.

Together, we will navigate challenges, uncover hidden potentials, and pave the way to success!


 Throughout many years of working with students in various capacities, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with a diverse population of students to ensure that they are provided various opportunities to learn and grow. 

 It is very important that as a professional educator I maintain a keen interest in the success of my students but also a desire to equip students with the best resources to help them succeed and achieve their goals. It is my obligation to ensure that I maintain a high level of value and remain passionate about education so that I am able to make a sustainable difference in the lives of all students.

 My goal is to continue to provide opportunities to students as well as be challenged with new task that will help me to grow as a coach, educator, and leader as well as maintain a positive influence in the lives of others. 

 To schedule educational services please contact me at (281) 201-6814 or email [email protected]

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